Rescue Successes






Kirby is a young bitch who's owner contacted us after Kirby went after a neighbors dog. The owner had decided to find her a new home. After meeting Kirby and her owner we discovered that a new fiance had banned Kirby from the house and she had been living in the garage for the past six months. She was a very sweet dog who just needed attention. The Merrits let us know that they had someone in mind that they felt would be a good new family for Kirby. So we got to play Santa and drove Kirby from Seattle to meet her new family near Goldendale. They family also owns Spiff (Trugrip BC Starlight Jazz) who is a beautiful red Staffie and is very glad to have a new friend. Here is a picture of Kirby with her new family the Trenkas.


A local rescue group contacted us and informed us that they had in their possession a Staffie that was in need of a home. We met Tobyand the foster family at a nearby park. He was a very sweet dog but there were some issues to be dealt with. Toby had a separation anxiety issue, was very nervous and very thin. When he walked he drug his back feet and it seemed as if he had nerve damage. The foster family had run numerous medical tests and found nothing. In addition, if he was left alone he would destroy anythinghe could chew up or if left outside he would search until he found a person to be with.

A friend at work has been interested in getting a staffie and said they would give him a home. We thought this would be a good fit since we could work closely with them and help out with any issues that arose. So Toby went off to live with his new family the McBrides. We were informed that once he was in their home he changed almost over night. He became a different dog—"he knew he was home". Toby has gained a good 6 pounds and he is a lot calmer. The dragging of his feet has gone away almost completely and he has bee quite happy the times we have visited.

So on a good note we found 2 good homes for 2 very sweet dogs. The strange thing about them both, they were previously rescued by there former owners. So all in all it was good year and it is a good thing we do not have the room because we would have been 2 Staffies richer if someone had their way.

Thorton & Angelique

October 2007. Mack is a neutered male about 4 years old. He was originally rescued from a Portland, Oregon area shelter in August, 2007. He was picked up running with a large male pit bull. The shelter people said he was a nice dog, could jump REALLY high, and showed some food aggression with other dogs. One of our Puget Sound Bull Terrier Club members (Scott) picked him up from the shelter and fostered him for a few days. Scott reported that Mack was a good dog but needed a bit of a firm hand as he would try to be the aplha dog if allowed. Scott saw no aggression issues.

UPDATE: November 2007. Mack has been adopted into a very loving family and is living a spoiled life in British columbia. Good luck Mack HEH.

"Jake" is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier in need of a new home. He is between 3 and 4 years old and is good with kids. He is brindle in color with some white. He truly "stands out" from the rest with the very unique trait of no tail (born that way). Jake has been around cats and other dogs and shown no agressive behavior.
Jake is currently living in an appartment complex in the Bothel area. Sadly, the appartment manager now says that he can't continue living in the complex. Our club has talked with Jake's owner and we have a complete history on him. This dog will make a great pet for someone, is that possibly you? Please contact us if your interested.

Update (1/10/04)—With a little "leg work" from some of our Club members, Jake's breeder was located and contacted about the situation. Arrangements were quickly made and Jake was returned to his breeder within a few days of our hearing about him. Because of cooperative efforts from everyone we have another successful end to a rescue!!

UPDATE: April 2004 (one year later). We received word from Callies new family that all is going "Very Well". She has become an "A1" family dog, is very gentle with the boys and yet enjoys rough-housing with them also. She is friendly to everyone she meets and "has been a great addition to our family". Callie went to dog training class but was not the star pupil. She is going back to school now that she has settled in a little. The final word from Callies new family—"Thanks for all you do in rescuing this sweet breed of dog"!

Callies story: On a cold and wet evening in March 2003 while out for a walk, a couple had a dog begin following them. Several times they tried to shooo the dog away and told it to go home. But each time the dog would turn around and follow them once again. By the time they reached home it was clear that the dog had adopted them. The young female was in good physical condition except for some bites on her neck. As so often happens there was no collar or other type of identification.

The couple decided to take the dog in for the night and try to find its owner the next day. Sadly, after several days searching various neighborhoods near by they were unsuccessful. They thought the dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier so they took a picture of the dog and called our club. That evening, after work, Coleen Case retrieved the dog. Upon returning home Coleen introduced the stray to her Staffy - Blaze. The two dogs immediately became friends and Blaze tried to take care of her by licking her bites, etc. The next day Coleen took "Dog" to her vet for a chip scan and medical attention. Once again, no chip. The vet said the dog was in relatively good condition and gave her the needed medical attention. It was also decided to give "Dog" the normal preventative shots.

For over six months Cassie Malloy had been communicating with the Hamiliton family of Beaverton, Ore. who were interested in adopting a Staffy. The picture of the rescued dog was sent to them. Next came a number of calls back and forth to discuss the dog and possible adoption. The Hamilitons decided that this might just be the new family member they had been looking for. That weekend the entire family (including 4 robust boys in need of a new friend) piled into the family van and made the 3 hour drive north to Federal Way. Introductions were made and a lot of tail wagging was done by "Dog". The Hamilitons fell in love with her. So "Dog" was loaded into the van and off to Portland she went!

We are happy to report that "Callie" is very happy in her new home and has a wonderful family to love and play with.