Staffordshire Bull Terriers Rescue for the Pacific Northwest

Our club and its members are very diligent about making sure all Staffords have a healthy, loving, and safe place to call home. You have just taken the first step in a journey. To better prepare yourself for this journey we STRONGLY recommend you read the rest of this page. It will help you understand our philosphy and approace to this very important process. Please take the time to read the information available.

First, let me say "Thank you" for wanting to help a dog in need! We always welcome adoption inquiries, and will do what we can for any Stafford in need. Our primary focus is to assist in the adoption of rescued Staffords in the Pacific Northwest. Although we can sometimes help those dogs and people outside of our area, there may be another SBT rescue group closer to you. Please see our National Breed Club web site for more SBT rescue links. We welcome your inquiries, but respectfully request that you read the following before contacting us. We have tried to answer some of the most common questions people have about what we do.


The first thing to realize is that Staffords are not a common breed, and rescue dogs are quite rare. While this is a good thing for our breed, it means that you may have a lengthy wait to adopt a dog through rescue. We do not have a kennel full of dogs looking for homes. In fact, we very rarely actually take a rescue dog into our home. Our primary function is to act as a "go between" or referral service. Our standard procedure is this: We keep a list of people who wish to adopt a Stafford. When we hear of one in need of a new home, we put those people who we feel might work best with that particular dog in touch with the individual who has the dog. These parties then work out the details of the adoption between themselves.

In this breed, we are fortunate that most of our so called "rescue dogs" are not really rescues in the true sense of the word. They are not starved or mistreated, and only rarely are they found in an animal shelter. We hear about many of our rescue dogs from responsible breeders who have taken back a dog that didn't work out for whatever reason. Those breeders then contact rescue to see if we have anyone waiting for an adult dog. This is a nice way to adopt a Stafford - the history of the dog is usually well known!

Please try to be open to accepting a Stafford of any age (or color.) The vast majority of rescue dogs are adults and rescue puppies are almost unheard of. You don't get a choice of color unless your really want to wait a long time. Rescue dogs are not necessarily free. There can be costs for veterinary care, shipping, kenneling, etc.

Many people ask about temperament. Staffords as a rule have great temperaments, but keep in mind that since we don't actually take dogs into our homes, we can only know what the previous owners tell us. We will not knowingly help place any dog that shows aggression towards people. Although aggression towards humans is almost unheard of in this breed, Staffords are not known for getting along with other animals, and this is a common reason for a Stafford to find itself in need of a new home. If you have other dogs in your house, a Stafford of the opposite sex is best. If your current dog tends to be on the dominant/aggressive side, you may want to consider another breed. If you have other small animals (cats, rabbits, etc.), please understand that Staffords are terriers, and as such, dispatching "vermin" is an instinctive trait. You may love your cat, but most Staffords don't feel the same way you do.

Because we get so many adoption requests and there are so few Staffords available, we always encourage people to check into pit bull rescue. There are hundreds of wonderful pit bulls put to sleep every day in this country simply because there are not enough homes for them all. A good pit bull should have a temperament very similar to a Stafford. Many people say they don't want such a big dog. Please realize that pit bulls come in many shapes and sizes, and I have seen quite a few that were actually smaller than our Staffords. For more information about pit bull rescue, please visit the following web sites:

Also, you can probably find a pit bull (or two or three) at your local shelter. Just be sure to thoroughly check the dog's temperament, preferably with the help of a dog professional.

If you have your heart set on a Stafford and are willing to wait for the right one to come along, please contact us either by e-mail or by phone. Please include your name, city/state, contact information, and any particulars about yourself, home and family that will help us find the right dog for you.


First things first - WE DO NOT RESCUE PIT BULLS OR AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS. If you have a pit bull or Amstaff in need of rescue, please contact one of the pit bull rescue groups listed in the above "adoption" section. We have nothing against pit bulls and Amstaffs, for the most part they are wonderful dogs. However, this is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier club, and as such our resources, money and manpower is dedicated to the rescue of Staffordshire Bull Terriers only. Also, anyone contacting us wishing to adopt a dog is looking for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, not a pit bull or Amstaff, therefore we do not have any potential homes for these other breeds.

From a purely statistical standpoint, the dog you have is probably not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. There are approximately 5,000 to 10,000 SBTs in this country. Compare this to the pit bull population - estimates are somewhere between 500,000 and 1.2 million!

If you are not sure of the breed of dog you have, we would be happy to help with breed identification. Assuming the dog resembles a Stafford in appearance, the most important thing to us when trying to determine breed identification is the size . WEIGH the dog and accurately MEASURE its height at the shoulder. DO NOT GUESS! Being wrong will not help anyone, least of all the dog. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier should be 14" to 16" at the shoulder. Occasionally you might find a big male up to 16.5". Weight for males should be 28 to 38 lbs and for females 24 to 34 lbs. We sometimes see males as big as 45 lbs and females to 40 lbs. Any dog larger than this is probably not a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Color can be another important factor. There are certain colors that are common in pit bulls but almost nonexistent in SBTs. A photo of your dog would be ideal.

If your dog fits all of the above qualifications, it may be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or it may be a small pit bull. Regardless, it may be close enough to a Stafford for us to be able to assist you in finding a home for your dog. Please contact us either by e-mailor by phone. Include as much information as you can about the dog in need and about its current situation.

If you have any questions, please contact a board member.

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